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Project Description
One goal of this project is to create JavaScript classes which function as do the the CLR Classes in .Net.

Another aspect of this library is to demonstrate proper use of the ES5 concepts and gracefully degrade in situations where ES5 is not found and the current run time cannot be augmented with the logic required for compatible operation.

LINQ is a large focus in .Net Development and this library helps to bring some of the nomenclature from that environment to JavaScript as completely as possible.


This project is not dead, I have just been enjoying summer... there is plenty more to come...

I have fixed a bug in the List with primitive Types and I have also added a Dictionary and UnitTests.

I have also ensured that all forms of the LINQ Syntax work as listed on the Examples page.

In this library you will find my new Javascript Framework including my HTML5 Classes which gave MooTools a much better and smaller FormValidator than they had and mine was made to be compatible with the standard and also implemented various HTML5 tags and attributes than were not available at the time. These libraries went the additional step of even giving standard support to all browsers...

Features such as:

Placeholder text on inputs.

A Ux Framework which includes Controls, Windows, Start Menu, Clock and Desktop with full CSS3 transition support and minimizing windows to the start menu (With css3 hardware accelerated live window preview). There is also a TaskManager. All of this degrades nicely to IE6 and 7 by the way :)

I am thinking of giving this library the Full Treatment and I am going to give my Application class so this way web developers can see how easy it can be to create plugins which work together intelligently with the new Application Model.

I will be porting them from MooTools as I work on the JS CLR.

Let me know what you think!

You can see live example of these libraries @

** This library has nothing to do with the anontune library which can be found @ netjs**

It is more like one of the following libraries: (And occasionally borrows code from)

In the future the name of this library may be changed to csjs for:

or 'cs7js' Whichever I eventually decide...

Generic collections in .NET, in combination with LINQ, are powerful tools for the C# or VB.NET developer; however, nothing like it comes with JavaScript. This code provides the beginnings of a JavaScript implementation for looks and feels like a .Net Style Language. Fortunately, due to JavaScript's flexibility, this can be achieved with a relatively small amount of code and does not change the fundamentals of JavaScript if this is the last script loaded in your resources. Additionally it provides code hiding behind a layer of abstract so that users are not able to see your code with a call to the .toString of a member.

This code works well with MooTools for now. jQuery is not tested or supported although I imagine it can be.

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